Welcome to my shop!

Welcome to my storefront where you will find handcrafted jewelry made from pure silver, sterling silver, and copper. I create many of my pieces using Precious Metal Clay; either sterling or pure silver, and Copper Clay. Precious Metal Clay originated in Japan in 1990, and is a crafting medium consisting of very small particles of precious metal mixed with an organic binder and water; made from eco-friendly, reclaimed silver. It's pretty amazing stuff and I really love working with it. I use 99% pure fine silver, sterling silver which is 92.5% pure, as well as copper in my designs. Metal clay is really cool. It is pliable so it can be formed, sculpted, or shaped just like any soft clay, either by hand; using cutting tools and molds, or by using different shapes, textures, and colors. I like it because the possibilities are endless. After the pieces are sculpted, dried and sanded, they are fired in a kiln where the binder burns away, leaving beautiful, one-of-a-kind, precious metal behind. The pieces are darkened, or “oxidized,” with patina and polished to a perfect shine. I like to combine my pieces with leather, silk, beads, and sea glass. There are many beautiful things that tickle my fancy but these are just a few!

I love special occasions - birthdays, Christmas, etc. I love giving gifts! And I love giving gifts for no particular reason, too! There is nothing better than giving someone a meaningful gift that you put a lot of thought into and seeing their face light up when they open it! This is why I artfully gift wrap each piece in boutique quality packaging suitable for gift giving so you can leave your gift giving worries to me. I will make sure your gift is perfect!

My family and I truly feel so blessed and feel it only fitting to pay our blessings forward. I believe in the spirit of giving and have faith that we can all make a difference, so we consistently donate a portion of our sales, or select pieces, to various charitable foundations. Some of the Charitable Foundations we have supported include Relay for Life, Breast Cancer Awareness, Melanoma Foundation, Autism Up, Crisis Pregnancy Center, and Wounded Wear. We're proud to be a small business that gives back! #2littlePsPayItForwardCampaign

2 little P’s Art Jewelry has been busy crafting custom pieces for Oscars, Emmy Awards and the Golden Globes, as well as the MTV Movie Awards through the GBK celebrity gifting suit. We've gifted the stylists of The Voice, Baby Daddy, The Fosters, Bloodline, The Fosters, The Vampire Diaries, 2 Broke Girls, and the Wendy Williams Show! We gifted the actresses Stephanie Drapeau and Renee Zellwegger! Recently, our Swivel Sticks earrings were seen on Hart of Dixie, and our Clear Hearts Necklace was seen on The Vampire Diaries! These opportunities were made possible through The Artisan Group; a juried group of artisans specializing in handmade goods.

Take a look around. I hope you like what you see! If there is something you want but don't see, or you have an awesome idea that perhaps I can help with, please send me an email at info [!at] 2littlePs.com, and we can work together to create what you envision!

Be blessed,

Cathy P

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